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AMNS Jumping Rows

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I came to the conclusion that using a "Foil Tent" during higher temps, to shield drippings from the sawdust, can actually cause the AMNS to jump rows.  The foil acts a reflector, and the heat causes sawdust in the next row to get too hot and combust.


I tested this numerous times with the same results.  With the foil tent closely drapped over the AMNS, the rows jumped every time.  Without the foil tent, the rows did not jump.  I came up with a different version of the foil tent that allows for the heat to escape and still keep the drippings off the sawdust.  (2) 12" pieces of wire and a piece of foil.






 DSCF2581.JPG      DSCF2580.JPG

No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Do I for-see a new accessory coming to the AMNS line in the near future?

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Bikini Top



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Those R & D guys are A-MAZE-N.

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Nice work Todd- Great bikini top - LOL - I thought I was smart just making a big loop with the foil wraped around the feet and about 6" tall

Like yours better

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Canopies are for sissies!!!


 Use an aluminum pan ......




Great idea Todd!



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Great Idea Todd...flag.gifbravo2.png

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Originally Posted by TJohnson View Post

Bikini Top



 Bimini Top...sausage.gif I just had to use that "shake your booty" thing. Was this a Scarbelly idear?

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It looks like a party boat. All you need is a miniature trailer. Great idea Todd, but like fp I just use an aluminum pan too.

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