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Hello All,


I am looking into doing my own UDS, however I am having trouble finding a barrel. The only one's I can find are from a tile store and it contained "marble resin". The company b/c of city code has done a 3x rinse, do yall think it would be safe? We are currently under a burn ban and if I do have to burn out it wont be until spring. The other thing is that they don't come with lids. They are only $8.00 each.


What yall think?


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They are usually readily available.  Do a search in your are on Google for Food Grade Barrels.  have ;you checked out craigs list.  I have seen them there.  I have heard some food repackaging companies have them from veggy oil and such coming in bulk.  I have even seen them in the back of large resturants.  Hope this gives you some ideas.

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Also check with car dealers.  I got mine there , forgot what it held but whatever it was it did not scare me lol

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They are very difficult to find in my area as well!  I thought it was going to be easy with all the food type processors etc in my area, but I learned a lot of them have switched over to plastic drums.  Ask friends to keep an eye out, I just happened to mention to someone at work how hard it was to find a drum and the guy was like really, how many do you want? LOL  Had one in a couple days.


If you get one that needs burned out, you don't necessarily have to build a stick fire in it, you can get a propane weed burner which is probably even easier I'd have to guess.  I burned a couple wooden pallets that didn't even touch the epoxy liner and I ended using a third option and had the barrel sandblasted for $20.


If you can't find one with a removable lid, cut the closed lid off and use a weber grill lid or walmart also sells an inexpensive uniflame brand round grill that you can make the lid fit on your drum.  

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Just seen you're in Lubbock...does the Air Force still have any activities on the base that use to be there?  If so, if you can get a connection on base, they'll have many types of empties stock piled somewhere.  Not that I'd know mine came from a similar place. icon_mrgreen.gif

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