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Howdy Do!!!

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First off like to thank everyone welcoming me aboard. I have learned alot just in the short week I have been here.

Learned enough to know that I wan't to make my own UDS!!!!! The hell with big stores and big prices, we do it the red neck way here in TEXAS!!!!! HA HA.


Seriously though, anyone know where I can get a drum in Lubbock Texas? Or some one near buy that would like to sell me one? trade some future meat and a git together for the drum.


Thanks everyone for ya'lls help and show me how to navigate. I even came up with a new slogan "Y'aint Grill'n...Y'aint Livin !!!!! gonna change my profile now

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Try looking on craigslist. Or if you have a bakery close to you try asking them. Even a local garage, or shop might have one. Try to find a food grade barrel if you can, if not your going to have to do a burnout and some cleaning. Good luck!!

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Yeah craigslist is a bust, have friends looking and have contacted a couple of bakery's but haven't heard anythin yet....but will keep trying

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I did a quick search on Google using "55 gal food grade oil drum in Lubbock Texas" and got this hit., Don't know if they still have them of course. Just click the link and go from there.

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