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Berkshire pork

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I was wondering how many of you use Berkshire pork for your smoke  and what ever you cure ?

The more i read up on them the more i want you all order your Berkshire pork from the butcher or from a local store ?

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cycletrash and I would really appreciate any info on where to find some

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I've got a place less than an hours drive that raises Berkshire, Tamworth, Ironage and Wild Boar.

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I am jealous AK1 . The nearest I can find is about 4 hours away

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An organic farmers market that's only open Sat mornings has it.

Might cruise by Sat.

Let you know how it shakes out!

Looks like a bunch of hippies... 



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I raise Berkshires.. they are tasty.  A bit sweeter meat in my opinion., but then like any pork, it depends on how they are raised.

 I like to butcher the younger ones for whole hog cooks. They are so tender.....

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Whats your opinion on thier fat marbleing ? Do you have waiting list on sales of your hogs?

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