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shrimp and more w/qview

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here it is we smoked for nine and 1/2 hours on Sunday !


My buddy and I did three different types of shrimp , pork steaks and a bunch of different types of stuffed peppers .


decided to do the peeled shrimp smoked them at 230 degrees for one hour, three different types of rub one had a spicy mix , one had a hot chicken rub and the last bag of shrimp was lemon pepper.


the pork steaks we put a little bit of season salt and "Head country rub" on them and smoked them for 4 hours , came out great and just fell off of the bones.


and of course the stuffed peppers we just tried what ever came too us .


note : we did smoke all of the items at the same time and same temp "230 degrees"  but the steaks was the longest at 4 hours and then the shrimp at 1 hour 15 minutes but i think 1 hour was good enough and the peppers we did for two hours.


camera pics 205.JPGcamera pics 206.JPGcamera pics 207.JPGcamera pics 208.JPGcamera pics 210.JPGcamera pics 211.JPGcamera pics 212.JPGcamera pics 214.JPG

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Great sounding smoke - shrimp looks awesome

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Man that shrimp looks great.. nice job on the smoke

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Never smoked shrimp will have to give it a try
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Love smoked shrimp..Yours looks great, nice job!

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Man I love smoked shrimp and yours look awesome!

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My wife and I love grilled shrimp. I can only imagine how good smoked shrimp must be. mm mm mmm!

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Awesome looking stuff !!!


Is that expanded metal stainless steel?


How hard is it to keep clean?





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Ravenclaw.them look good. Been a long time scince I had some fresh(I'm supposing they were)  drool.gifNot as easy to jump in the ride and go down to the Coastth_dunno-1[1].gif too far now.

Thanks for the pics, now my keyboard is wet

Have fun and remember...drool.gif

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Im thinking of shrimp tacos, shrimp gumbo, jumbo shrimp, shrimp sacmpi, shrimp & more shrimp!!

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Looks Great...

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reply to Bear,


The mesh grid is from Wally world , in the BBQ section. It is a aluminum grid and if you spray it first with Pam , I use the Olive Oil spray it makes it a lot easier to clean .


Comes in a 3 pack and here in Oklahoma it cost $4.00


I also use it when i smoke meatloaf keeps it together and is easier to put on / take off the smoker!




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Thank You !




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where in the world did you find a steak that size? i have only ever seen steaks that big in movies.

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Great looking chow!!



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great looking shrimp....I could feel my HDL climbing just from looking...cajun shrimp & cold beer....yum

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i got the Pork steaks from the commissary "Tinker Air Force base"


and the shrimp and pepper's came from a local market Crest Foods.


and those Pork steaks sure do taste good , and the best part is not a lot of work to smoke them




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