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On my bucket list.  Thank you for the recipe.  I've pickled fish many times but this will be a first.  Reinhard

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Super post, wish I had seen this a long time ago.

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Originally Posted by Hoity Toit View Post

Super post, wish I had seen this a long time ago.

yeahthat.gif   we have done eggs for years in fact some are in the refer now but have never thought of sausage. do you use any particular sausage? or will any work as long as cured and brought up to temp/cooked?



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What do you recommend for  sausage to pickle? Or do you have one that is your preferred? I have eaten them before but never pay'd attention to what kind of sausage I was eating.

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Another bookmark.

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Originally Posted by Mike W View Post

These are hot dogs and sausages I made this summer and had in the freezer. Thanks for the inspiration to try pickling them.

Looks good. Never tried pickled dogs with sausage.



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Good looking stuff
I always make a bunch with beets in the fall. The purple color is really vibrant.
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The home made dogs (rytek kutas recipe) worked well. Not as good as the sausages though.
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Now I'm motivated.  What is the vinegar to hot sauce ratio you use?

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