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A Flock of Chickens - Qview

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Well, with Saturday being a beautiful day, and a whole day of outside chores planned it seemed like a good day to do up a batch of yardbirds.  I put the word out to the family and friends and chickens started showing up around 9:00.  By the time I lit the fire at 11:30, I had 7 victims lined up.


rubbed on counter.JPG


I hit them with a heavy dose of Tony C's, including a bunch in each cavity.  I don't know if the seasoning steams into the meat, or mixes with the juices and gets in that way but I have noticed a big improvement in the taste of my birds since I started doing this.  Don't be shy, put a bunch in there.  Here they are all loaded up and ready for some smoke.


loaded on smoker.JPG


I let them go for about 4 1/2 hours at 225.  I've done so many of these, I don't need to probe them.  I can just poke on them and wiggle a leg and I know when they are done.  Fuel of choice was RO lump from the red bag and pecan splits.  I ramped up my temp to about 300 for the last half hour to help the skin.  Here are a few coming out.


3 on pan done.JPG


These came out great.  They were super juicy and had a really good flavor.  It's nothing complicated, or fancy but it sure is hard to beat the taste of a good smoked chicken. 


leg cut end.JPG

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That's some great looking yard bird right there!

I have posted the recipe for tony chacheres  in the wiki section  .

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Looks great.  Bet they were plenty tasty!  


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The birds look excellent! Great job! Bet that was some mighty fine eating!

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Thats some great looking bird your have there.. Great job on the Q PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Great looking birds!! Sounds like ya got chicken down to a science!!

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Those are great lookin' birds my friend!

I use RO and pecan, I love it

You're right, "It's hard to beat the taste of a good smoked chicken"

Thanks for sharin'  PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Nice yardbirds & nice smoker!! Lots of room!
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Those are awesome looking birds

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Nice birds and rig too.........

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Im glad you posted this cause im having so much truoble with chicken. I make a mean oven roasted chicken butt I want to master one in the smoke. Im gonna start out this saturday with quaters and if they turn out right then ill up the annie with yardbird. I have a bandera vertical smoker so i should be good on the amounts. Awesome thread brother

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Looking good!



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Looking real fine from here....those would make the Colonel jealous....Congrats on making the banner.

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that looks good man. I like it!

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Nice, nothing better then some good chicken!
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That is a Flocken lot of chickens and they look good...

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