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/smoking advice

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anyone got any advice on temp and time for pork shoulder(bone in)?  225 degrees?

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225 is good... and you will have to go by internal temp... Butts can stall on you... For pulling bring that bad boy up to 200-205... Wrap in foil and towel and let it rest for a couple hours in a empty cooler...


Some people like to wrap in tin foil at about 165, put back in smoker and pull it from the smoker a little earlier (somewhere in the 190s)... either way it will have to hit 205 internal for a good pull (it will get there in the wrapped rest period)




Good luck and post a qview


BTW if you are trying to figure a time... figure about 2hrs per pound, but PLEASE go by internal temp... they can stall for hours... if you do stall dont mess with your heat just ride it out!


I hope i didnt miss anything... i am sure if i did someone will be along to add or correct...

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Thanks/and I'm using hickory wood this time found in a shop in texas on way back from arizona

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Originally Posted by ROWDY ROD View Post

Thanks/and I'm using hickory wood this time found in a shop in texas on way back from arizona

 nice... sounds good... not sure how long you have been at it, but remeber you dont want white billowing smoke... you want TBS (thin blue smoke)...

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I will smoke mine from 225-275. Ideally I would like to stick around 225 but if I am in a rush I will go up around 275. Or if for some reason my smoker jumps to 275 I don't sweat it I just let it roll. But like Steve said you need to go by temp not by time so I good digital thermometer can be your best friend. I like to foil mine around 165 and take it to around 205 and then let it rest in the cooler with double foil and blankets for a few hours.

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I cook at 225F and then crutch when internal hits 160 - 170 - this usually happens in about 5 hours if your butt doesn't get stuck.  Then I go until internal temp is 200 - 205 or whenever the probe goes in nicely.  This is usually another 2 hours or so.  7 hours total time - IF the butt doesn't get stuck.

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Welcome to the SMF. Glad to have you here. Lots of good folks, great recipes and knowledge. Looking forward to your first qview.

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I see you've gotten some good advise, just remember to use a good meat probe for internal temps, and be sure of your smoker's temp too. It's all good my friend.

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Here is a great read for you from the Wiki section. 


 Have a great day!!



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Yep, They said it all. 165 foil, pull at 205, rest & pull. Have a good digital therm.

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Great Advice from all the guys.


Rich is right, you gotta have a good quality meat probe and make sure your smoker temp is correct.




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Rowdy, how's it going?You said the bone was in? Butts are like(somewhat) like Shrimp;(if the bone is in...)icon_arrow.gif

They pull out like easyicon_mrgreen.gif

You'll have a stall more than likely,which will be for breaking down the collagen,then when done(look at it in the prescribed estimate of time(1.5X the weight of the piece you are cooking)cool.gif

With the fat up(with no trimming) you'll have a greatButteek.gif

Have fun andicon_mrgreen.gif

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looking forward to the Qview....relax and enjoy watching the TBS

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