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Pork Loin - Wrap in Bacon?

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I've got a pork loin (not a tenderloin) that I want to smoke.  Haven't decided yet if I want to slice it or turn into pulled pork.  I've seen some mention of people worried they might dry out.  So should I wrap it in bacon to try keep the moisture in?  If I do that, would I put the rub on it before or after I wrap in bacon?


I'm still kind of new to this smoking thing....

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I would say yes to be safe I would wrap in bacon.  (Can't go wrong wrapping in bacon)  When I wrap mine i do both Rub then wrap and finish with another sprinkle of rub.

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The way i like to do my lion is roll it in bacon then put my rub on the outside of that.. I will bring it to around 145-150 internal temp. let rest then slice.. hope this helps ya..

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I would avoid Pulled Pork and go the slicing route... Smoke it till you hit 150/155 wrap in foil and rest... as far as wrapping in bacon... i ask you this.... what isnt better wrapped in bacon??? LOL! yes the bacon will help with moisture in the meat


If you want to get creative, take a look around the site and check out the stuffed pork loins... you can not go wrong with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have to agree with steve, save the pulled pork for butts. Take it up to 155 or so and just slice it,you'll be happier!

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The pork loin is'nt the cut of meat for pulling. I would like everyone here has said slice it. If you want to get creative then I would fillet it and stuff with some baby spinach and then cheese we like feta.


  they are really really good.

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What kind of smoker are you using?  If you cook slow - 180 - 200F grate temp - on an offset or other indirect cooking method, and rest it before you slice it, you don't have to wrap it in bacon to keep it moist.


BUT - as previously stated - Everything is better wrapped in bacon!biggrin.gif

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I agree with Mark on filleting & stuffing it, and of course wrap it in bacon. Don't forget the Qview.

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Is it done yet?? 









Is it done yet?? 







Is it done yet?? 





Have a great day!!!



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I would say wrap it in bacon and slice.

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When you stuff the loin, where is the best place to put the temperature probe?  I assume it should go in the meat at the center, but how can you be sure it is in the meat and not the filling?


So far I have done unstuffed loins. The last one (9 lbs, cut in half) was brined for 3 days.


I then injected half with apple juice/rub mixture, covered it with rub, wrapped in plastic for 8 hours in fridge.

Other half was injected with an asian marinade I found in a cookbook that came with a food processor,the rest was used as a marinade for 8 hours in the fridge.


Smoked both at 225* on my MES30, using AMNS with half hickory/half apple until 155* (about 4 hours), foil wrapped and held in a cooler until time to eat.  Sliced and enjoyed.

Sorry, no pron.


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I've pulled a few loins no problemo. They come out awesome. Here's one I did.

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