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New MES...almost

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I bought a Masterforge Propane Smoker at Lowe's and was disappointed with it.  Too hard to get it to maintain a temp.  Wish I found this place before then as I figured out the MES is probably the unit for me.  Last week I won a little money on vacation at the Casino and ordered a MES that night from Cabela's since the Lowe's by me couldn't seem to get them in stock anymore.  It arrived yesterday and I was disappointed to find it must be old stock as it did not have the built in meat thermometer.  Good news is the other day I saw Lowe's finally had them in stock again and that Cabela's supplied a pre-paid return label!  Cabela's smoker going back to them and going to pickup one of the MES with the thermo tonight.  Will end up costing me a little money, but I get what I want!  Can't wait!!

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Welcome and Congrats!


Lots of guys using them here, and lots of good tips and tricks.




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Yea there are lots of MES users so this is a good place to ask questions on he unit as they come up.

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Congats..have fun!!



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Welcome to the MES club! I'm sure you will really enjoy your new smoker. Now just add an AMNS smoke generator & you'll be in heaven!

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Welcome to smf glad to have ya!! Tons of great info here and great members too! You'll love the mes its a great unit for sure! Good luck.

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