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Beef Fajita's

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Hey all,


just wondering what you guys all do for making fajita's. they are probably my favorite thing to make in the smoker. start out with a chuckie marinated with fajita seasoning (i really like penzy's). smoked with apple wood. for the veggies, i rub them down with a little canola oil, put on some fajita seasoning the put on the gas grill to fire roast. slice it all up nice and thin served on warm tortillas. q-veiw next time i make some 

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Yes Qview please. I have never made them but have looked at a lot of posts and they look awesome.

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I always thought of fajitas as a fast and hot thing.  I'll definitely have to try the low and slow version.  Post up a tutorial the next time you do some please!


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I usually marinade them overnight, then put them on the grill. Sometimes I'll give them just a Little grilling, then into the smoker for added flavoring. The meat is thin, so grilling is usually the preferred method. It's all good my friend.

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Ricky, we have to have our daily dose of Qview. Shame on you. Seriously, we love fajitas and yours sound delicious. Wish we could see them.

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Seriously guys,Fajitas are a thin meat(Skirt or Flank-split). This was an invention of some Latino guy in Texas as a fast food that was (at that time) cheap.Marinaded a few minutes with a good seasoning and Lime juice,cooked at really hot temps. to about med.doneness,keeping it from drying out.

All I can say is, thank you(whoever you are ) for introducing these tasty Border munchies to the world.

Thanks for reading me,and...

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The term Fajita means "little belt" referring to the section of the cow the inside skirt steak comes from.  It was first used in the Rio Grande Vally in South Texas.  I highly recommend Robb Walsh's Tex Mex grill cook book for anyone who licked the Legends of Texas BBQ cook book.  Growing up in the valley we had  fajitas almost every weekend.  Lots of ways to cook them here is my family favorite.  Anyway you make them i agree they are just plain good.

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