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Tallahassee Pigfest....

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Anyone have any reviews on this event? Thinkin about goin this Sat.....I guess its a goofey question but, do you get to try the competitors bbq? I've looked around and haven't found anything that says yay or nay....Just askin...Thanks, BK

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I went a couple years ago and a few people were giving out samples but I don't think it was many. They do have several vendors set up selling Q. I didn't go last year. I know at least one of our members has entered this year

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Hey thanks, we're gonna go and see what it's like, so I'll post something after wards...BK

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I'll be there Bigkahuna, See ya there! yahoo.gif

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Look fer me there too! I'll look just like this..................




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You Might be hard to find, But i'll keep an eye out!

Look for"Poverty Hill Smokers"  PDT_Armataz_01_25.gif

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The Pigfest was great!

We had a Large time!





there were some georgia fans there




A few competetors










It was all fun and games, till the big boys showed up!





that didn't keep us from havin' fun!



we all know who won "the money"



We placed 26 out of 39, Our first pro comp! I learned alot from talking with these guys.They are very "smoker" friendly and love to talk "Q" with ya!

We made a weekend of it!102_0440.JPG

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Looks like lots of fun.

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Looks like a great time!!



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sounds like a fun time..

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