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I have added 6 1-1/8" air holes to the outer fire box casing of mine to add more air. Now I just need to put a raised coal rack in too. I hate hauling my big smoker around while we camp all summer so this smaller/more portable smoker makes perfect sense as long as I can get it to smoke meat well. So far, in stock form with lump charcoal, it has been nothing but a disappointment.

I know this thread is under "Charcoal Smokers" but if you get frustrated with heat control on this unit, consider getting one of these for it.

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I love my Master Forge!  I've had it a good while and never seem to have any problem out of it.  I know it doesn't have much air vents but, I just put mine up of 2 cinder blocks and use the minion method.  It stays around 250-275 degrees most of the time.  Sometimes it will spike to 300 degrees.  Here is mine with 2 butts and a turkey on it.

As you can see mine has got some wear and tear on it.

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I finally got myself a grate to make a charcoal rack with so as soon as I get some time (been busy enjoying the plentiful snow up here in Michigan on my snowmobiles all winter) I will get it set up and start smoking again.
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just an update, I have been using this smoker about a year and half and it is still doing a great job.  No parts have broken or rusted.  Everything, including my aforementioned mods have held up great and allow for consistent smoking results.  I did end up drilling two 1" holes into the lid for some extra exhaust flow and that seems to help it breathe a little better.  For $70 plus a few mods this has turned out to be an awesome "first" smoker for me.  I think my next project is to make a hybrid UDS/22.5 WSM.  I have an extra weber kettle and a spare drum--i'm pretty sure that I can modify the drum to fit between the top an bottom of the kettle. I plan to also shorten the legs on the the kettle base.  Any thoughts?

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Put the charcoal grate it. Smoked a 10 lb butt and a 12 lb turkey on it this past weekend. Both turned out alright but using apple wood it still struggles to get up to/maintain temperature. Everybody loved the food but looking at the finished butt color, I knew it could be better. Still pretty frustrated with it but I don't want to give up on it yet as it's portability is the main reason I have it. Suggestions? [IMG][IMG]
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Chevy Tech,have you had any luck getting your master forge dialed in?  how's it running for you lately?  Have you done any modifications to it yet?

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Sorry for the super late reply but no, I havent. I still struggle to get anything smoked quite right in it and temperature control is very difficult as well. I even added a top vent to it with little success.
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