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Buttermilk BBQ Chicken w/Q-view

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This past Saturday evening a few friends were going to be hanging out, invited me over and I said that I'd bring along a load of barbecue chicken.


DSC00505.JPGDSC00511.JPGBreasts, thighs marinated and seasoned set to cook


DSC00516.JPGDSC00517.JPGAbout 45 min. before saucing


DSC00522.JPGChicken in the dark...sorry guys and gals thought about driving a tractor over for lighting this is the best I could do with one of the pickups. Ready to sauce twice, 40 min. before finish.



Done at 4 hrs. 40 min.




I marinated these 24 hrs. in advance using a "Cornell Chicken" style marinade incorporating the use of buttermilk and Dreisbach's Garlic Caper Dressing & Marinade in addition. I reserved some of the liquid to baste with a couple times while cooking. I used olive wood to smoke with for this particular set. For the saucing, I used equal amounts Russ & Franks Sassy and Grumpy's Black Label barbecue sauces.


For most the cook I was at 230 deg. and brought the temp. up to over 300 for a short while a little over an hour in to crisp it up. This was some very good chicken, had a excellent flavor and was both tender and moist.

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Looks like a winner. Next time leg quarters are on sale I may have to try that. The best fried chicken is usually soaked in buttermilk. Should be good for BBQ too.

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Thats some good looking chicken!

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That's some good looking chicken. Nothing like a full smoker. I'm sure your friends appreciated your effort! Nice job!

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Looks great!



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Man that chicken has some great color to it.. looks real tasty.. great job

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Nice lookin' bird PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

I bet your friends enjoyed it!

Thanks for sharin'

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Smoker full of chicken... NICE!! Lucky Lucky friends!

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Originally Posted by les3176 View Post

Smoker full of chicken... NICE!! Lucky Lucky friends!

I have to do something to keep them! Good thing I can cook decent. It was darned good tasting. The kind where even the bones are good, Lol.

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Man!  That sure does look good!

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Thanks for sharing some mouth watering Q, the use of buttermilk is my favorite on when doing chicken. It's all good my friend.

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looks delicious and nice Q

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