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Chargriller mods

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Hi Guys. Quick question for you all. I have a Char-griller with the side firebox. Ive been using the charcoal tray in the cooking chamber as a baffle. I was thinking about forming a sheet of 14ga. stainless steel into a tray about 17"x17", welding it, and using it as a baffle,water/drip pan, so I can get some humidity while I'm cooking. Id have a couple other tuning plates to adjust as well as the water/drip pan. Do any of you guys think that this will work??

 Thank you,


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It should work fine. Just make sure you are not closing off the air flow so your smoke can still travel through the chamber well and out the exhaust.

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might work ok

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I have the chimney extended down to grate level and a charcoal basket mod.  I use drip pans, and if configured correctly, the drip pans will form a kind of baffle.  My temps usually run within ten degrees from one side to the other with a small pan of water at the firebox opening.  I have found that raising or lowering the fire pan can help with temp control and fuel efficiency also.  Keep experimenting, you will find the right combo!


Good luck and good smoking.

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