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On a Steeeeek.

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For my wife, the Czarina, who chose to buy a smoker over a piece of jewelry with her bonus check.  My wife, who can name every starting player on the Tampa Bay Bucs AND Tampa Bay Rays lineup and watches SportsCenter even when I am not in the room, and for my wife.... who prefers chocolate-covered bacon over chocolate-covered strawberries on Valentines day:


Chocolate covered, applewood smoked bacon, On a steeeek!



Thick-cut bacon wrapped around a 3/8" dowel that was soaked for 30 minutes in water (to prevent burning)





On the smoker until nice and crispy. (Ignore the ABT's on the lower rack - they're in another thread )




Allowed to cool to room temp to get really crispy (they will slide off the sticks at this point if you want)





Drizzled with chocolate.  


Unfortunately, these did not last to Monday, so I could not give them to her for Valentines day.  She found them in the fridge and they became an afternoon snack on Sunday.

Oh well,it's the though that counts.  At least she gets to open a card today.




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Ah the simple pleasures of life. I'd take those over chocolate covered strawberrys anyday and if it's dark chocolate-even better. Ma Dutch doesn't think much of chocolate covered bacon so she's getting roses and a card again this year. Oh-don't suggest getting her chocolate covered strawberrys, she made her some yesterday. icon_mrgreen.gif  st bsh

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Woo Hoo! Chocolate covered bacon! Gotta love this place!

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Oh man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like you pick the right woman!

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She's a keeper for sure!!!!

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