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^ Gladly here you go




I can finally put the finishing touches and paint on it...can't wait to see it painted

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Nice Ring, Nice color!!! Great Build!!!!

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I'm sorry I missed this but glad to see it resurface. Nice build. I love the pig and cross bones. LOL


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Done and done! finishing painting it up this weekend! I still might make a removable chimney extension so i can play around with different lengths to see how it effects flow.


Other then that, very happy with the final product








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Great job - loved reading this one!

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Very cool RF. icon14.gif

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Just stumbled on this thread and thoroughly enjoyed reading about it from concept to finished product.  You definitely didn't let adversity hold you back and it paid off.


Finished product looks absolutely great. Wasn't expecting the orange paint color.  It looks awesome.  Love the Pig and Bacon Bones.  The brisket had great smoke ring and looked tasty.



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Thanks for the feedback guys, it was a fun project, but now i have two problems......


1.) use it for at least two weeks busy with work and holidays coming up


2.) i want to build another one

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Looks awesome man. The orange really stands out. Feel free to go ahead and send this one to me so you can start on that next one.icon_lol.gif

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