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Offset question

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I have a Brinkmann Smoke King Deluxe, which is an offset smoker with a big tower to place/hang meats. When I bought it, I was intending on using charcoal briquettes but soon learned I couldn't get enough heat. I switched to wood and get pleny of heat now. I am able to regulate the heat easy enough with wood. My question is if I switch to lump and put it in a basket, will I get enough heat to keep it going at least 225 degrees? Regular charcoal won't cut it, I tried several times. I would rather switch to lump and use wood chunks than burn straight wood where I get alot of white smoke. Anyone have any thoughts?

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I would get a few bags of royal oak lump and try that.It burns WAY hotter than bricketts and with alot less ash.I just did a smoke and didn't realize i only had a half a bag of lump so i had to get brricketts.It was very cold that day and i really struggled to keep my temps up. I had never had that problem before with lump at those cold temps before. Give it a try and see how it works for you!

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I agree try RO lump. Wally World carries it.

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I have the brinkmann deluxe and use two baskets side by side with the RO . works great also added baffle to the firebox entering the vert chamber. with two basket full it will last me eight hours, so happen that two baskets is half of a 20Lb bag. add some wet wood chips some times to change it up.  ran straight wood (white oak) once too hot.

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