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Been gone awhile, but back now.

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Hi everyone. The old timers might remember me. I joined up like 5 years ago. I went thru some stuff and dropped out for a while. I am back now though! My old smoker I built finally rusted out (the firebox did) so I hauled it off for scrap with some other metal. I kept everything that could be used again though. I am in the process of building another one, and I bought a new Char-Griller Super Pro and a firebox for it yesterday. I have it seasoning right now, with charcoal and some plum wood in it. Can't wait to get back into the smoking again. I have been craving a brisket for a while now. And some ABTs and a fatty! Man I miss those things.


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Welcome back!!



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Chris welcome back it's good to see ya around again

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Sure is good to hear from you again.. hope everything is working out alright for you now and you can get some good smoke time in!

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Glad your back Chris, will look forward to your smoking adventures, sounds like your pretty well equipped to get going again just keep us informed. LOL!!!!


Your New SMF Friend,

Barry  biggrin.gif

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Hey Chris - I have seen some of your posts and am truly glad to see you back

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WB Chris

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Welcome back Chris!

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Thanks everyone! I got laid off from my job, went thru a divorce, and then got called back to my job- with the same pay and senority I had. I have to do the mods to the Char-Griller still. Gonna make a baffle plate at work this week if time allows. I work 3rd shift, so I am off on Fri and Sat nights! Perfect for smoking some food! First smoke will be a brsket, a fatty, and some ABTs.

You have seen some of my posts? Man, you must have dug back some pages- or a thread got pulled to the top. I am back ontrack now. No wife to hold me back on what I want to do when I want to do it.

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Before my time but welcome back.

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Well talk about timing, your name came across my memory bank just last week. Glad to know you're a survivor, and back into some of the hings you enjoy.Have a great week Chris. It's all good my friend.

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Welcome Back there Chris. I hope all is good and you will get back to the old smoking ways soon.

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Thanks guys. I have been missing smoking since the smoker went away. Been about a year or so.  I scoped out some briskets this morning when I got off work, but they were all rejects to me. Only one in the 8-12 pound range, and it was not what I look for in a brisket. Did get the fatty base though! Gonna get some peppers and beans Friday for the ABTs and Wicked Beans. Gotta have those with brisket.

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Chris!! Nice to see you back amongst the family! Glad to see you're getting back into the smoke!

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Welcome back Chris PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Welcome back...

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Its great to have ya back Chris I also have had your name pop in my head.If my memory is right I belive your old avatar had your X in it with U.seemed a happy couple.sorry for the divorce but life goes on I spose.least your still smoking buddy.
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Yeah, it had me, her, and Hunter.

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Welcome back friend

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