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Brown and Serve Sausage

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I have made sausage before, but never in links.  This is my question.  I want to make Brown and Serve Breakfast Sausage.  The "Great Sausage Recipes and meat curing" by Rytek Kutas book I bought has a recipe, but says to use cellophane casings and then peel off after putting in the smoker.  I can't find cellophane casing to buy.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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I would think you could use hog casings.

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Would I leave the casing on then after smoking?  I could freeze it then?

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yes you can eat the casings if you want to,and yes you can freeze them.

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Could I use sheep casings and do this also?  I was wanting to keep to smaller diameter sausage.  Sorry for all the questions.

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You could use either sheep or hog and leave either of them on after smoking. We make a lot of breakfast sausage and just make them into patties and freeze them. These we dont smoke at all  

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Tah you can use sheep problems

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I use sheep casings for breakfast sausage...


Works fine and tastes great!!





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I'd use the sheep casings too.  If you've never used them before, they blow out a lot easier than hog casings.  You have to be real careful not to stuff them too tight or they'll blow when you link them.  When you put the casings on the tube and as you stuff, keep the casing pulled out toward the end of the tube as much as possible.  If you push the casing onto the tube as far as they'll go, it creates friction/suction between the casing and the tube and can cause a tear/blow-out.  You don't want to very much pressure on the casing & tube with your fingers & thumb while stuffing. You want the casing to come of the tube almost as fast as the sausage can go into the casing. 


The casings are edible, so no need to peel them off.

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Remember, B&S sausage is the same as a wiener. Both are cooked(commercially) by steam/smoke. Then the "plastic" casings are removed. The "bite" some want in a wiener can only be obtained with a casing. Just keep track of everything you do, so can replicate it or improve it. This is the pleasure of this pursuit; anything goes after the hygiene is looked after.

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