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food processors that will emulsify meat for hot dogs , etc.

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 Help. Are there any good food processors that will emulsify meat enough to make hot dogs. For home use , small batches. Thanks Weisswurst

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I have a KitchenAid and though I've not tried to mangle weenie meat, it sure does a fine job on everything else. It's a bit pricey for a home kitchen in my opinion, $300.

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Originally Posted by Squirrel View Post

mangle weenie meat........


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I just do a double grind through my grinder which does a nice enough job for me, however I am usually trying for an "old fashioned weiner" type thing, not a farmland's best type of frank.  If you wan the later, you probably will need to do an emulsification. 

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I wonder after a fine grind you could use one of those boat motor thingy's. Never tried it but just an idea..........


Mangled weenie meat..... Thats funny Squirrel

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this is a third grind 3/16" plate...  dont see the need to emulsify and get another piece of equip dirty and need to clean... i really think the only reason they emulsify commercial made wieners is to help make all the scrap by product meat so it seems as one... not really needed if you prep your own... you know whats going in and no need to disguise.


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Thanks for the input. I also prefer the " old fashioned " type hot dogs. Some of the kids do not however. Also if I am making a really good coney or chilly dog I prefer the finer grind. I know about the emulsification to hide not so good meat but that wouldnt be my reason. I would want the spices to be a little more subtle and dispersed better.I make a couple of very , very good good old fashioned type ring bolognas and the spices are more robust.They fit in with the larger grind better. I use only the best meat and like variety. I dont like the overly coarse and overly smoked links some call hot dogs.I will try the extra grind method some of you mentioned. Thanks a lot !! Weisswurst.

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to Boykjo :   What is a boat motor thingy? Are you talking about a bowl chopper?



Erain : The 3/16 grind looks good. A little coarse but not overly so. A lot like the better sausage makers around here use. Good job !


Squirrel : I will be watching for a Kitchen aid . There are a few sausages that you almost have to puree. Like the german weiss wurst. Hot dogs are  a matter of taste.

    Happy Sausage makin.   Weisswurst

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We have the commercial version of a Cuisinart and I am sure we could get it to handle already ground meat with no issue at all

You might keep an eye on this site as they run specials all the time and guarantee to have the lowest pricing on the net. I have been very happy with their service

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