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meat temps dropping HELP!

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smoking a Flat brisket, got temps to 190 figured I would unfoil for the last 5 degrees to get some bark. Put it back on and was still at 190 than about 5 minutes went by and temps started to drop. now at 186 smoker temps are fine 225. Can someone give me a hand. Thanks Gary

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Meat will drop in temp when you take it out of the foil.At what temp did you foil at?? Most of us foil around 160-165 then foil and take up to 195-205 for slicing or pulling. It should start to climb again.It may take some time though,I would see if you could get it back up to 190ish then wrap it up good in foil and put it in a cooler with some old towels for a few hours.  Just my .02 cents

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Relax Gary, I would have kept it in the foil, but since you took it out just leave it alone. It will start to heat back up. I usually take mine to 205 in the foil then wrap in towels & rest in a dry cooler for a couple of hours to redistribute the juices & further break down the connective tissue. I would suggest that when you do take it off you put it back in the foil to rest.

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hey les3176 i foiled at 160 and now temps have gone all the way down to 180. I wonder if i should pull it . i probed it and seems pretty tender.

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+1 on what les said

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Patients grasshopper. Just let the meat do its thing. You are sure your thermometers are accurate right? If you know your temps are correct just sit back and relax and let the smoker work it magic.

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Our responses crossed i'll go ahead and leave it on. I'll never do that again. Thanks Gary

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yep just leave it alone for a bit... briskets dont like to be messed with. relax have a beer or two and when it starts to rise again to  IT temp ya like ,wrap it and put it in a cooler for a'll be fine!!!

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I don't think beers gonna do it for Qcrazy. He needs scotch!   icon_mrgreen.gif   Crazy, someday your gonna look back at today & have a big laugh. Your doing fine!

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