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Butchers Twine on a Sirloin Tip Roast

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I am planning to smoke a butt Sunday.  I saw this sirloin tip roast (which I've never done) and thought I'd give my butt some company.  (insert dirty joke here).


My question:  does this butcher's twine serve a purpose, or do they just try to pretty it up?  Should I cut it off?






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it compacts the muscle into a uniform shape so it will cook more evenly.....leave it on during the cook.

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Leave it on.  If you take it off, you will see something awful and very difficult to cook.


Good luck and good smoking!

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That makes sense now.  Thanks for clearing that up.  I'm a first timer with this cut.  Can't wait to try it out.  Now I've realized I need a slicer.

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Yea Man, Slicer, we gotta have our toys!

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Rare to Med and sliced thin oh my what great sandwich meat I hope ya have a great smoke

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We will be waiting on the qviews !!

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How high are you planning on taking it for your finishing internal temp?

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Looking forward to seeing the finished smoke. It should taste awesome

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I plan on pulling the beef around 135* IT.  Here it is soaking up a beef rub that I found on this forum.  I brushed a very light coat of spicy deli mustard for the rub to stick to.  I am out of the plain yellow, so what the heck.


Copy of IMG00020-20110213-0012.jpg


Here is the butt getting all happy.  I am also out of plastic wrap, so I had to dig out some big bowls with tops.





I've got a new take on ABTs that I'll post another thread on...I'll put the beef Qview here later...

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Looks good so far.

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