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hello to all

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I just joined the forum after reading several threads on various topics.  Seems like a great place for me since I love to  hot smoke meats, brine and dry rub cure, make stuffed sausage, dry jerky and other stuff in my dehydrator and cook in general.  


As far as equipment my smoker is one of the cheap rectangular vertical brinkman smokers that I got for a wedding gift in 07 and I used a bullet before that.  I have a fair amount of exp with it,  enough that I dont screw things up on it anymore and have smoked ribs, brisket, bolgna, salmon, chicken, sausage and other stuff.  I also have a gas grill.  I use a cheap lem8 grinder to do all my grinding and stuffing.  Dont know if this place has much in way of dehydrators but I love to use my nesco fd1010 and have 8 trays for 8 square foot of drying surface.


I live in Oklahoma and love to cook,   I would say my exp level is probably in the middle somewhere and I love to try new things and will be upgradeing smoker before long.  I would also like to get into cold smokeing and do some other dry curing along with injections.


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Welcome to the SMF. You have come to the right place. Lots of great people on here. Can't wait to see some of your Qview.

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Welcome to SMF!!!!!!!

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Thanks,  I am exited to join.  I just recently turned my internet back on after takeing a 15 month break from technology and just spent my time reading and such.  I also failed to mention that I used to be a butcher at an oldfashioned market in the 90's so I would say I am very knowledgable with meat and meat processing and I love it

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Welcome to SMF. You have come to the right place to enjoy all of the items that you do. Welcome

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Welcome to SMF. Gee, another Jeff from Oklahoma. 

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Welcome, I am new here also lots of info here! 

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Great to have you aboard!  


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welcome aboard ...can't wait to see your qviews ,you butchers always get the good cuts of meat!!

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updated my avatar pic,  it is my 12 yr old boxer.  He always likes my cookin

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Welcome to the SMF. Glad to have you here. Lots of good folks, great recipes and knowledge. Looking forward to your first qview.

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Well from one new guy to another welcome! I have had a blast roaming around the site checking it all out and in the short time I've been here I can say vie learned some things.
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Welcome to SMFPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Welcome from another newbie. The folks here are amazing. This is the most comprehensive knowledge base for smoking on the Internet.

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Originally Posted by bakerboy7 View Post

Welcome from another newbie. The folks here are amazing. This is the most comprehensive knowledge base for smoking on the Internet.

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 awsome,  This is the only smoking forum I have really looked at and it seems to have some good information with a fair amount of traffic.  I am looking forward to learning new things and sharing some

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First off welcome Jeff to SMF. You'll like it here cause there are alot of really good folks that would just love to help you with anything to do with smoking. Now we like having new folks here to give a new prospective on some of the ways we do things around here. Now if you are really new then I would suggest that you sign up fir the 5-day E-course it free and it will give you the basics on smoking and a few recipes too. Here's a link to it:

then you will have a method to your newly found madness and believe me it will be a madness. Then when you start smoking things you will have to learn how to post the pictures / Qview 

here. So here's a link to a tutorial on how to post your Qview so we can see what your doing.

Now the next thing you have to do is run out and get something to smoke. Then just smoke it and if you have any questions just post  them here and we will answer all your questions that you might have. Oh yea there's no stupid questions we were all there in the beginning and we just really like to help others enjoy the fabulous smoked foods that we do. So again


Welcome to Your New Addiction 


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Welcome to SMF, Glad to have you with us.

This is the place to learn, lots of good info and helpful friendly Members.

For those of you new to Smoking, be sure to check out Jeff's 5 Day Smoking Basics eCourse.

Click Here it's "FREE" ... 5 Day eCourseE

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Welcome to SMF. Lots of great info and friendly folks here to help

Just did a quick search on dehydrators in the main search bar above and it looks like there are almost 700 threads here

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