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I figured maybe you did, because you've been curing meats for a year & a half now, but I was asking for pics from wy will. I find Chuckies to be a bit fatty for curing.  Making Chili with it sounds like an excellent idea.





I've actually cured meat for many years starting with helping my pap when I was just a kid. After he quit butchering I didn't do any curing on my own till I moved back here from York & got settled down again back in '98. After that I did lots of belly bacon, deer, jerky & ham with my pap's old school recipes. I never cured any pork loin for CB till after I joined here (I never liked any I had before) but it looked so good on here I had to learn. I tried it & now I like it a lot. I also never dry cured any country hams with my pap's recipe till after joining here & getting the lowdown on acceptable nitrate levels because it's an old school recipe... This is a great place to learn the technical safety points of curing too  :biggrin:


Yeah the chili was pretty decent but not so good that I would waste time curing another chuck to make more!  :hit:

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I know this post is rather old but thought I would interject. An Eye of Round is a very lean cut of meat, the lack of fat rendering in the meat makes it susceptible to being tough.

To tenderize an Eye of Round, the day before you plan on cooking it, season it pretty heavily with kosher salt (Not table salt). Cover all sides with a good couple of Tablespoons of salt.. Then tightly wrap the meat in plastic wrap (Can I say Saran Wrap?) Leave it in the fridge for 12-18 hours... Leaving the science out of it, the salt will truly take that cut of meat and tenderize it, even if you like to cook it a little more well done it will stay tender...  To get it even more tender after you brown the meat in a pan, start it off in a 500 deg oven for 30 min... Then shut the oven off and do not open the door and let the meat sit.. The meat will continue to cook for the next several hours. 

I have also cooked it after browning at a low temp of 275 and cooked it long and slow.. The longer the meat fibers can stay under 120deg the more tender the meat will ultimately come out... Just my 2 cents...

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Hey guys. I read all your comments and started mine 2 days ago. It was 6 Ibs i rubbed with olive oil garlic worschestire thyme salt and some herbs. Took it out of the fridge 3 hrs prior. Soaked hickory chips 24 hrs. Bout to get home and check its been 3 hrs sofar.[IMG]
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Done smoking hit the oven at 500 for 15 min then wrapped up for 2 hrs.
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After oven i did 1.5 hrs wrapped up in a cooler
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