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Meatloaf tonight

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Here it is pre smoker [IMG]http: about another hour6c648e44-f4c5-6c3c.jpg
My smoker

Inside of smokerad6e67ce-137d-0f9e.jpg
Looks like when I edited my post I lost some of the original text and a pic sorry still getting used to this app
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Looks tasty!!



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Nice meatloaf, care to tell us what's in it? Is your smoker exhaust vented to the outside? How well does that work for you?
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Not sure what all momma put in it. I just put it on the smoker. And yes I have it vented to the outside,it is set up in my garage and it works just fine.
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nice looking Q you have there.. love the smoker set upPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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The loaf looks great PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Got any pics of the inside of your smoker? What type of wood did you use?

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I used hickory on this one. I will get some pics and post later.
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Thanks Mich, can't wait to see'em

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I love me some smoked meat loaf!

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Smoked meatloaf is awesome

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Good looking meatloaf! Nice smoker setup, too!

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