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What would you like to find in a local store?

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I'm wondering what you cooks across the country would like to be able to buy in a local it sauces, rubs, utensils or other accessories. I live in Phoenix, but if I want products more esoteric than Shilling/McCormick or Sweet Baby Ray's or Stubbs, I have to drive 30 miles one way to get 'em. Basically the same thing goes for charcoal more exotic than BlueK or Best of the West.

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Same here. I have to drive about 35 miles to get to a store that sells some of the food items I want. Some examples are creme fraiche, clarified butter, prime cuts of meat (heck choice cuts for that matter) heirloom tomatoes, fresh herbs, I could go on. I order a whole bunch of stuff online especially from King Arthur Flour and Amazon. I love fleur de sel as a finishing salt and just ordered some. I realize I am a spoiled little foodie brat, but I don't get into clothes, jewelry or makeup and I only own 4 pairs of shoes (hiking boots, cowboy boots, running shoes and 1 pair of black heels) and I couldn't tell you the last clothing item I bought, oh wait, I recently bought a sports bra. Gotta keep the girls happy.  Plus by ordering so much stuff online means I get to see a certain delivery guy on a regular basis. icon_lol.gif

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Sure wish I had that problem!   I don't have that far to drive, but when I get to the other Island, i find they have a terrible selection. In fact, I have yet to find what i would classify as a regular size Pork Butt.  Next step is setting up an account with a meat importer, which wont be a cheap alternative.  This Island has 1 gas station - St. Thomas has many more but still not a great selection of anything.  Shipping is my only alternative to getting what i want.

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I live in a small central Florida town. We have to drive at least 1 hour for just about anything not mainstream. That includes good cuts of meat at a decent price.

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I would be Sooooo..... happyicon_mrgreen.gif if I could find Briskets and Ribs for .99/lb. all the time,standard price, with sales once in a whileeek.gif.

I got all the other stuff I need,just can't find that "good" deal, ya know what I mean?icon_rolleyes.gif

Well, anyhow whatever you got ,or can get, remember to......

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