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Making bacon and making up for pics

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OK, time to make up for not providing pics last time.  Making about 10lbs again (I have a small smoker - masterbuilt 7 in 1).


Here's what I'm starting with:




Kinda thin - but it'll still taste great using Bearcarvers recipe.  1 Tablespoon of Tenderquick per pound on each slab, lovingly massaged in.  Slightly more than 1 Tablespoon of Dark brown sugar per pound:


One slab ready for the bag:





Both slabs w/cure, brown sugar - bagged and heading for the fridge:




Back in just over a week!

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Looks like your on a good start

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Looking good!

 I am gonna start with the 14 pounder tomorrow.


  Have a great day!!



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Looks like a great start!!

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Good Start on the Bacon...

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Looking forward to the money shot! Nothing like home made. +

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Looks good already!---Nice meaty looking Belly!




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Finished the cure so got it out and rinsed plus ice water bath for 30 minutes per Bears excellent instructions.  Patted dry and sprinkled with black pepper, onion powder and garlic powder - slept comfortably in the fridge all night and ready for smoking.  Decided to use the box method rather than haul the smoker up from the depths to the back porch this time.  Lit both sides & the middle of the amns and tossed a box over it:





ran it through two smokes (total time about 11 hours as I had trouble getting the middle going the 1st run through:




Having learned much from my 1st round at bacon makin' -- I removed the skin, folded the bacon in half (fatty side out) and tossed them both in a ziploc freezer bag to freeze harder than my head prior to slicing.  Today I'll slice it up, vacuum bag it and then fry a little up to snack on.  Back with the final pics a bit later in the day.





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Great looking bacon. Thanks for the qview

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Looks GREAT, Ben !!!


This is a good one to show guys who don't own a smoker that all you need is a little cure, some sugar & seasoning, an AMNS & some sawdust, and you can make GREAT BACON !!!




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Thanks Bear - and no doubt regarding not needing a smoker.  Actually - because of the type of smoker I have (bullet type, masterbuilt 7 in 1) it is actually much easier taking a rack out of the kitchen oven, setting it on bricks/something - I used some wood blocks I had...sticking the AMNS on something safe and drop a box over it with a couple of holes around the sides (toward the bottom is where I decided so air would circulate near the AMNS) and a few holes on top.


Here's some sliced and sealed -- showing just a little because of my limited counter space.





Can't wait any longer!!!!





I like my bacon crispy!!




Oh man - I'm not sure I'll ever get past Bear Carvers bacon recipe to experiment with anything else...  Does life (or there a difference?!) get any better than this!!


Back to work, got a lot of slicing/bagging and cleaning up to do before I can settle down and eat more bacon!

Thanks for looking - and thanks for the forum/help/information, etc.

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Egad that looks good!

I think I might have blown another salivary gland out!


It was that last picture that finished me off !




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good lookin' stuff right der!

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Looks awesome!!


 Us Ga guys are getting this bacon thing down!!!




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man that bacon looks great.. real nice job

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