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super bowl grub with Qview..

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On the menu for the big game was.


pulled pork   Casadia's


Ham and cheese Fattie



On Saturday I was up at 6:30 AM I got the pork butt out of the cooler and on the counter to warm up a bit. I went  out got the WSM rolling  as that was coming up to temp i gave that butt one good rub down. The weather was fair  around 35F the wind was a bit tricky to deal with but i pushed throw it (wind break). As  the end of the cook came, it started to snow and I mean snow but that was not going to stop me on getting this  butt all smoked up for Sunday football.. At around 9 PM i pulled the Butt of the smoker and into the oven for a nice rest(oven was set to 160F). I had plenty of fuel left so I throw on the ham and cheese fattie. After 2 hours of rest I took the Butt out and on the counter to cool off a bit before the pulling started. Checked the fattie was just about done. Got the pork all pulled and into a crock pot by than my fattie was all done. Here is some Qview in order the way it all when down..


Smoker        WSM

Fuel             Kingsford

wood           Cherry

Cook time    15 hours









wrapped and heading to the cooler




one last rub down than to the smoker.




The smoker with my wind break lol



here's a pic of the new eyelets i just got..If you have a WSM and don't have eyelets its a must.. love these things.



Hit 170F time for some foil.



Out of the nice rest it had and cooling so i can start the pulling.




The bone pulled right out nice and clean.




All pulled and into the crock pot.




mixed up some of my sauce to put on it to keep it nice and juicy.. 1 part Half and Half,1 part Baby rays and some of your rub..



time for some pulled pork casadias.









Now for the Ham and cheese Fattie..




Only used 1 LB for the fattie




And the bacon weave



Sliced ham cheese and a bit of onion.




Rolled up and into the cooler for the night




Off the smoker (was on around 3 hours)




All sliced up




Here is a pic of the fresh snow we got that night.







Hope you all liked the Qview  happy smoking..

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Great looking chow!!!



Have a great day!!



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Looking good. Bet it tasted evern better

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Nice looking meal!!!Great job for sure!!

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Never thought about pulled pork on a quesadilla...  great idea.

Good looking grub for the game.

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Food Looks Great...

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Thanks guys and yes it was real good.. the fattie was a big hit at the party thanks to SMFPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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Very nice! Like the plane in the back yard too!

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Very nice! Like the plane in the back yard too!

Thanks Al.. my uncle is a pilot he has 3 kit fox planes and a 1947 aerobatic plane.. the the kit fox planes he built himself..

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