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Pork butt with apple pie

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I smoked a pork butt and injected with apple pie shots !!







I smoked it til 160 then injected and double wrapped in foil then back in the smoker til 200

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this when i pulled it after 200...


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Looking good!!


 Have a great day!!



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Great job on that butt! Looks nice and juicy!!!

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Dang that's one nice looking piece of pork! Great job!   PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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Couldnt you taste the Apple Pie shots at all or no?

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Thats some bad a$$ looking pork, great job

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yes you can taste the shot flavor and cinnamen flavor...definitly a keeper and will do it again

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Man that sounds and looks so good. Great work.
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stopped by after work and had some and it was as good as it looked !  The Hot Apple Pie is definitely  a keeper for injecting

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Using Everclear or vodka in the shots and how many did you inject??




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That looks super moist, nice job on that. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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ok i'll bite   gonna need some info on the apple pie shots

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Google is your friend!!


I didn't know what they were either.. don't drink. 




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ok, I'm curious, why did you inject after it got to 160 and not prior to putting on the smoker?  This is a new idea to me,  either way it still sounds delicious.

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Here is the thread on how to make the apple pie shots : 


The apple pie shots I was using was made with moonshine, and I injected when it reached 160 , then double wrapped it.

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Thats awesome,

Is everybody wondering why they're waking up with hangovers.


Next thing you know they will be putting hashish in cookies.icon_redface.gif

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