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Apple pie

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I don't know if any you like injecting meat with this or not ,but I am very impressed with the flavor.. It is called Apple pie shot , this particular batch i have now is from a friend of mine he made with moonshine and ever clear, apple cider , and apple juice with cinnamen stix...and  O my is this stuff is good !!!...I marinated some of the Ham scraps when we were cutting up our hams for proscuitto and  I couldn't quit eatingthem.. I now injecting it in a pork butt..........I am drewling as we speak....give it try you will Like !!!


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My sister makes apple pie shot...That suff is great but very dangrous cause you really cant taste the alcohol!!!! She done it with moonshine and other stuff and tried it with apple cider once too,very good! I've never tried it as a injection though...sounds good

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By the way I found the video on you tube how to make, that is not me nor do i know the person that made it. And you are right Les3176 it will sneak up on you. We only allow Dave54 to sip it for that reason !!! LOL

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Sounds interesting. Can't get moonshine around here though.

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When i make it i use Everclear and also add some spiced rum. If you put it in a glass with a bunch of ice it is by far the best tasting strong drink I have ever had.

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