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Making My 1st Canadian Bacon w/ Cure View

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Since I'll be smoking the Pastrami next weekend I thought I might give it some company in the smoke. Got a nice 1855 Premium Brand pork loin a couple weeks back for 1.89 a pound. Some are chops, some are roasts. This one will be CB. 1.5 pounds of it. Thought I'd start small just in case something goes awry.





Trimmed some of the fat off. Chill it in the freezer a bit first. It trims easier. Mine didn't freeze enough and it started getting a little floppy near the end of the trim job.





Tied it up so when I slice it later it will fit on my English Muffin better.






Rubbed it down with a modified Shooter Rick recipe. Halved it for the smaller cut of meat.


1 TBS Morton’s Tender Quick per pound of meat
½ tsp Brown Sugar per pound of meat
½ tsp Onion Powder
½ tsp Garlic Powder
½ tsp Paprika
½ tsp Course Black Pepper





Vac sealed and into the fridge she goes.




Join us next week at this time when CB meets Pastrami in a smoke filled room.

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The only thing wrong is your gonna wish you cured a larger piece. icon_cool.gif

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ditto X2

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Looking good!!


  Have a great day!!



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It looks like Canadian bacon to me so far. See you in a week or so.

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Looks good so far...




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Welcome Back to our Scheduled Program


Took the CB out of its cure and rinsed in cold water. Put in a bowl of cold water to soak for 1 1/2 hours.




Slice a little for the fry test.





Did a fry test. Just a tick salty.




Soaked for 1 1/2 more hours. Good this time. Tastes more like ham than a pork chop. Think I got a good cure.

Let sit overnight in fridge.




Ready for the smoke. 8 AM. Using mostly oak and a little hickory.




3 1/2 Hours in at 200 - 225. Mopped the CB with some pure maple syrup.




Intermission. Be back later.

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Oh yea I want to see some sliced pics.

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Looks delicious!  How long did you refrigerate it?  And how long did you continue to smoke it after applying the maple syrup mop?

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It's still smoking. Got a few hours to go yet.

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How ironic, I have one in the smoker that could be a twin to what you did.  I even left the ceyenne out of shooters recipe like you did.  Will do a q view this afternoon.  Hope yours turns out well.  from my test sample this should be awesome. 

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Lookin' real good Scott!


You're gonna love that stuff----While it's in the smoker, you might as well run to the store & get another 8 or 16 pounds of Pork Loin!


Can't wait to see the final color & the slices--MMMMmmmm.........




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Yes I agree it looks awesome so far, can't wait for the finish.

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We're back after that brief intermission. She is out of the smoker at 162. Popping it in the fridge and then to the slicer.





We got slices. Man is that good. Has a nice sweetness to it. Balances nice with the peppery rind. Oh yeah, it tastes just like canadian bacon too. Yummy!





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Great job alelover, Looks great!

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Great job start to finish. I like the way you tied it and seasoned it. Looks really good.

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Oh man, that looks delicious...great job!

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Thanks for the kind words. I will be having a CB, Egg and Cheese McBagel in the morning.

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That is great looking - congrats

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Excellent Man, great finish!

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