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Super Bowl Brisket (adhoc) unplanned

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Well, I told a story the other day about getting ribs and brisket on a great deal due to the foul weather here in Dallas.



So going after Coffee, and returning with a few cuts of meat, lump coals, and some seasonings I did some knock-out baby backs in the 22 deg. temps, that wifey loved !



Today, in honor of Dallas hosting the Super Bowl, I decided to do a Brisket for Mama, even though we're just staying home.



Standard prep on it yesterday. Did a little diff. rub and cut some of the cayenne since it's usually too spicy for her. And substituted mild chili powder in place of half the black pepper.



Here's a shot at 6-3/4 hr. mark. Just brushed on some mop and rotated over, and 90-degrees.












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Looking good, bet mama's gonna love it! Nice job!

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Nice job! Looks excellent so far. I'm sure the wifey's gonna love this one!

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Looks Good So Far...



Is it done yet and don't forget the sliced qview...

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