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Wild boar

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I am smoking a wild boar ham today. It has been on for 4 hours. What temp should it be before I pull it? It weighs abou 5 lbs.

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About 185-190 for slicing and 200-205 for pulling

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Thank you, It turned out ok. The meat tasted a little strong. I have never done wild boar before. I need some advice on what to do to help the taste. I have two hogs to eat!. I cook deer all the time and have had no problem. Any advice would be great.

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I am new, but have always used buttermilk to pull the gamey out. Works great for deer, not sure if you could do a whole hog

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It the other meat is from the same hog my suggestion would be to grind it into sausage. Some people claim you can get the strong taste out but I haven't had much success doing it

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Dad always had an opinion about wild boar... (after we'd cut up hundreds of them for farmers..)




The interior and exterior fat would stink to high heaven and the meat was strong and very gamey.  Dad said it was from the abundance of testosterone, whereas a wild sow would be 'normal' and good eating.  Farmers would shoot them for  getting into their gardens and would bring them to us figuring they'd get some free meat, but most found they tossed it instead.

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