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Pork Top Loin Roast, Boneless

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I was looking to do some pulled pork today but the local supermarkets did not have pork butts or picnics so I picked up a top loin boneless roast instead.  I have been reading this will not work well for pulling due to low fat content so I have decided just to cut it up instead.  I have looked at multiple sites and have seen the cook times and temps all over the place, any thoughts here. 


I have been a member for quite some time and have found the site and help great, just could not find anything that made me comfortable with this cut of pork.


I put on Jeff's rub last night and have the Masterbuilt Elec Smoker and everything ready to go.

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I was wondering the same thing, maybe 1/hr per lb give or take?

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I did a little pork roast a while back, pulled it at 150 and sliced it(awesome) is that what is being talked about here? 


p.s. I know this is an old post, just wondering if I could make this cut taste better,i.e pulled pork

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If it's a pork loin you may want to consider butterflying & stuffing it. You may also want to wrap it in bacon to keep it moist.



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Went back and looked at my notes, I pulled it off at 155deg and wrapped in towel/cooler for about a half hour.  It came out ok but not my best smoke by any means.  Due to company I had to rush it at the end to get it up to temp.  Al, I have used the bacon trick a few times lately and it does make a difference, never thought about it back then.

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It must be a difference in meat designations in different regions.  I have heard of a pork loin, but never of a pork top loin?  Generally the differentiation in top and bottom loin comes with beef.  No wonder we always get so confused?


Good luck and good smoking!

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Yes you can smoke a pork loin, they are actually one of my favorites to smoke for pulled pork.

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any suggestion on smoking a small pork tender loin?

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