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Chuckle, it's what's for dinner

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So I thought I'd do a chuckie today & some brats as a backup! Here he is ready to go!


Rubbed with s & p & garlic


Lots of fat on the other side? I cut off almost a pound but there's still alot? Owell I'm going to smoke the fat side up so it renders do into the meat


Let you know how it goes throughout the day
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Looking good!!

  Have a great day!!



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That looks awesome - love me some chuckie!

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Sorry about the pic quality? Im trying out the new tapatalk from my phone. I'll see if i can get it any better?

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Great start!

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Good looking chuckie!! Can't wait to see the finished pics!!

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Hey Terry

Stick a big pan of beef stock under it with some onions - Makes incredible french dip sammies

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Two hours & just probed. Going good at 125. Scar I have the pan in, not gonna miss that ju!

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Well we're at 160 & I can't believe I lost close to 20 degrees just foiling?? Between the wind & my small smoker this is a chore, but I will prevail

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So here we are all done 8 hours later for a 3 lb chuck! Good thing I had brats going


I don't think I needed the ju as it had it's own that was way better on the right


One last one

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nice job,looks good!!

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Thanks everybody. The seasoning was good the beef really comes through, but the wife wanted rub next time so we'll see. Funny how those pics get blurrier as the day goes on icon_redface.gif



There was the best smoke ring I could ask for & after 8 hours there should be!! Still like the chuckies own ju better than the beef broth. Might try to put them to together & see how it works. 

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Looks great, nice job!

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