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first brisket question 2 pieces? 2 questions.

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Yesterday I went to the UC Davis meat lab(butcher shop) and picked up a 5.5lbs brisket, after i cut it out of the bag and everything i noticed it was in 2 pieces? (i thought they usually come in one large piece) it appears the flat and the point are precut. I used mustard and put the rub on the meat and plan to smoke tomorrow morning.

now my question is since its in two pieces should i still put both pieces in at the same time? i plan to bring them both to 160 then foil up til 190.

also second question if i would like to eat at 6pm what time should both pieces go in the smoker to be safe?
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Are you sure you have a flat and point cut?  5.5 lbs sounds really light and almost like you just have the flat cut.  Account for at a minimum of an hour rest period (2 would even be better) at the end of the smoke and without a stall the 1.5 hour per pound guideline is pretty good.  I've always hit some serious stalls so even if you start earlier and finish early, you can double wrap in foil and towels and keep in a dry cooler until it's time to serve.


What does the package label say?

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the package label just says " Beef Brisket " so ugh.... i was thinking it was part of the flat and point cause one piece is pretty triangular.

here's a picture i could be wrong i guess with the point and flat its wrapped in plastic wrap but....

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Not sure what you have there.

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Has it been pre-trimmed, or can you see the "fat-vein" running down along the tri-angular piece? If you don't see the fat vein, and it's not pre-trimmed, I'd be inclined to say you have two flats.

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ahhh okay its been pretrimmed so i guess i have 2 flats.....should i still go by the 1-1.5hrs/pound just as a estimate? (i do use a maverick meat therm)
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Dean is sending you down the right path. As a start I always figure 1.5 pounds and add 2 hours to that to allow for a stall and some cooler time.

Since this is in two peices weigh each one and figure your timing from there and yes - put them both on at the same time.

When you are looking at both peices does one look fattier then the other If do that one may be a point.

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