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Superbowl eatz -

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put these on at about 10 this morning.  After I told my father n law i had 1 success with pulled pork off the smoker he bought me as a wedding present he decided i had to bring some to his superbowl party tomorrow. I'm not pulling an all nighter with this stuff so I had to make it today.  Threw a rack of ribs on there cause i had room.  I have since stood them on end since starting it.  Should be coming off around 4 - 430.

Brown Sugar, Paprika, Salt, Pepper, Cayenne, Dry Mustard.




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Looking good!!


 Is that a Futura??



  Have a great day!!!




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Well everything looks pretty darn good so far. But why did you stand the ribs up if you had the room????? Just a question your not doing anything wrong.

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Yep -fpnmf, that's my 63 1/2 hardtop Futura


mballi - I felt like i was getting way to much heat on the close end so i didn't want them to cook weird.

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a bit of a change for me.  I traditionally would let my ribs go sealed in the overn at 225 for about 3 hours then run em on the smoker and mop them constantly.  this was new to me.  they look kind of dry.  we shall see tho.  cooked faster than I thought they would.  may end up being ribjerky.



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Let us know how they taste. Looks like the smoker temp might have been a little high.

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well the flavor on the ribs was good.  maybe a bit oversmoked.  they were definitely over cooked.  i'm still a temp chaser for sure.  but the pork was a winner.  i think i'm starting to figure it out.  the pork shoulder is a much more forgiving piece of meat than the ribs for sure.  Fried some onion crispies to go with em.  I'd like to make my own bbq sauce for the next round.  this time i used Kinders as a binder.  very minimal amounts and didn't take any with me to the party so they couldn't add any to it.



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Looks great!!!!

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The PP looks good. Keep on smoking!

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