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Chicken Leg Quarters

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It's not supposed to snow and ice in East Texas !!! After a week of bad weather, I couldn't stand it any longer. I brushed the snow of the smoker and fired it up. Super 1 food had leg quarters on for $.39 a lb. I bought 20# here are some pintures.IMG_1103.JPGIMG_1104.JPGIMG_1105.JPGIMG_1106.JPGIMG_1107.JPGIMG_1108.JPGIMG_1109.JPG

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That chicken looks great, so does the smoker, did you build it yourself.

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Thank you,  I did most of the design work, my son did all the fitting and welding. This was our first build. It really works great and holds temp. well. We wanted a Reverse Flow, no complaints. Thinking about a trailer mounted version next time. Looking for a 150 gal. propane tank. I will post more pictures of the Chicken in a little while.

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Chicken after about two hours, at 200  spraying with apple juiceIMG_1110.JPGIMG_1111.JPGIMG_1112.JPG

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Looking Good from here...

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Man, that's ALOT of chicken you got there, and it looks great!

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Chicken looks awesome. Looks like your cooker's chugging along quite nicely!

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Looking very tasty!!!



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Well snow or no snow thoses are some fine looking chicken you have there.

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Great looking Chicken, Gary!


And awesome Qview---It's even "Zoomable" !!!!





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Both look great to me!!! Nice job on both!

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