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Smoke Daddy or A-Maze-N smoker???

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I am thinking I want more smoke and something that will take less filling of the chip box on my MES40. For low temps like smoking sausage I would like more smoke and for the long smokes(ie brisket) something that will not require adding more chips every 45 minutes. I have been reading about cold smokers and from what I have read the above sound like the best two for what I have in mind. I am leaning toward the A-Maze-N smoker because of the simplicity of it. I would like to hear from folks that have used one or both.

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Here is my very biased opinion. I looked into the Smoke Daddy and it was not something I wanted to invest in. The comments were that you had to load every few minutes and that there were issues with creosote.  I did not pursue this product based on that issue alone.


I was asked to do a test run on the AMNS and I fell in love with it on the first smoke,  It performs very well on both hot and cold smokes in my SmokinTex and I have helped lots of folks improve their smokes with the AMNS. I have helped no less than 10 folks improve their end product using the AMNS and am seriously in favor of this product over the competitior

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I can not say anything about the smoke daddy because i have never used one.I do have a amns 6x8 for my mes30. i have only hot smoked with it and afew batches of snacksticks. In my opinion the amns is VERY easy to use,just load it up lite one or two ends and place it in your smoker. And depending on how many rows you fill you can get up to 8 hrs without having to reload it at all! You don't have to drill holes in your smoker,check chips,set your air flow,just lite it put it in your smoker and walk away. There's lots of threads on the amns so if ya want more info use the search feature and i'm sure you can get alot if ya want to read more.

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I use the AMAZE-N-SMOKER in my MES 40 and love it... I have the 6x6 and a 6x8.  They are cheaper and from what I have read of the Smoke Daddy the AMNS works better and is definitely cheaper...

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I have not used the chip box in my MES yet, just the amazen.

Here's about 175 threads to read about them.





 Have a great day!!



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I have a Big Kahuna Smoke Daddy & a couple different sizes of A-MAZE-N-SMOKERS.


IMHO-----The A-MAZE-N-SMOKER is only about 10,000 times better than the Smoke Daddy.




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I love the a-maze-n...ordered the 6X6 and 3 lbs. of dust, 3 weeks later ordered the 6X8 and 15 lbs of dust. The thing works like a charm and I use it in a MES 30.

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Its my understanding that the Smoke Daddy has been redesigned to work better but I have never used one so I couldn't say how good they work. I have an AMNS and it works well.

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Originally Posted by Pineywoods View Post

Its my understanding that the Smoke Daddy has been redesigned to work better but I have never used one so I couldn't say how good they work. I have an AMNS and it works well.

Tried mine both ways---Same problems.

Maybe I'm just too dumb to use the SD.

I proved any idiot can use an AMNS.



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I've only used the amazn smoker but I will never be without it.  It works great hot or cold smoking .

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One more vote for the AMNS.

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 The A-MAZE-N-SMOKER. So easy, even a caveman can do it! icon_smile.gif

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Well I just ordered my A-Maze-N and five pounds of pecan. Now if I could just convert my pile of pecan to sawdust, since I don't think I will be using my Char Grill offset as often.

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 I got both.....the plus for the smoke daddy..is that it can mount anywhere on your smoker, and take up virtually NO room inside your smoker...it does an OK job a smoking and I never had an issue keeping it going......the pluses of the AMZNSMoker is it's stupid simple to use....but it does take up some real estate in your smoker.


I like both, but I think I do actually prefer the AMNS!



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Looks like the score is like 13-0 a-maze-n. biggrin.gif

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Yes it was looking a little one sided, so I ordered one, wish I had it now, I have 13 pounds of brisket in the smoker now.

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Well I bought the A-Maze-N and after smoking sausage this morning I can tell you it truly is amazing. I filled the A-MAZE-N about 2/3 of the way and lit it. I smoked for almost eight hours and never had to add dust. I did not use the chip tray in my MES40. I had beautiful light smoke for the entire period. As I sat looking at my old stick burner all I could think about was now I have a set and forget smoker. Thanks for all the people that helped with information. For all the other newbies if you have an electric smoker and don’t have an A-MAZE-N you really should get one. I love mine.

Kind of blurry but you can see the A-MAZE-N in the lower left corner

A-MAZE-N.jpg2011-02-12 12.15.53.jpg

And the finish product:

2011-02-12 15.53.18.jpg2011-02-12 16.36.00.jpg

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Love my maze PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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As far as taking up space in the smoker, can anyone look at where "jwsailor" put his AMNS (same place I put mine), and tell us what he would put there if he didn't put the AMNS there?


Almost like Masterbuilt should put a sign there, "Put A-MAZE-N-SMOKER Here".



We all knew you'd love it !




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Darn nice looking pan of meat JW, nice job.

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