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I'm gonna look at Publix tomorrow maybe they'll get them down here too.

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I've seen them on sale at a few local "butcher" shops. Sadly, they aren't that cheap around here. There is a RD about 15 miles away or so, and I'd like to get down there one day and see all the stuff they have. 

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Just called Trader Joe's in Philadelphia and they carry them. Woo-hoo!

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Funny, if you check the weekly specials for any southern, or central CA grocery store, they sell untrimmed tri tip for under $3.00/lb.  Why can't the rest of the country get the same product for similar price?  Gouging for over trimmed meat isn't my idea of a good deal.  Leave the fat on, charge less for it.







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 was in Publix yesterday and they had one Sirloin Tri Tip and it looked just like what at Tader Joe's is labled Tri Tip.

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There are a few places that carry them around here but they only seem to be in the expensive butcher stores. I have never seen them in the grocery chains, Walmart or Sam's which is where I normally purchase my meat. The butchers are just way over priced it seems around here.

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Finally got to a Trader Joe's here in Jersey and found some at $5.99 lb., averaged just under 3 lbs. each. They are definitely trimmed but looked good so I picked up a couple. They had at least a dozen that I saw, along with some other nice looking beef roasts. Some of them were already seasoned, but I picked 2 that were not. Now, just got to figure out what to do with them. icon_biggrin.gif Feel free to chime in people. biggrin.gif I'm all ears.

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Publix has Sirloin Tri-Tips advertised at 5.69 a lb starting tomorrow.  At least they have them advertised here in Delray Beach.

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I have seen whole Tri Tips at my local Sams Club.

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I looked at my Publix & nothing. The Sam's I go to is in Lakeland & I have never seen them there either. I will keep looking because it seems that there is enough of a demand that they will be all over Florida soon. I hope!

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I only see them occasionally here. I keep looking since I've been reading about what all of you do with them.

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