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Finally joined the ranks of MES owners

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Got my tax refund today and on the list of must haves was a new smoker.


Went to Sam's and picked up the new MES 40.  Never thought I would say this about a smoker, but the remote control is a nice touch.  icon_mrgreen.gif


Got it seasoning as I type and will have some pork in it come morning.

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 Have fun!!



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Electric smoker, remote control. Thats just cheating isn't it???? haha Congrats on the new smoker. Now lets see some Qview out of that baby!!

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YAHOOOOOO!!! Your gonna love it!! Lets get some qview out of that bad boy!!!

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Welcome to the ranks!  Is the A-Maze-N smoker next on that list?


Just be carefull if you wipe down the glass to try and keep it clean. The sheet metal around the glass on the inside of the door is sharp, I've sliced open my finger twice!

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Congratulations and welcome to the MES owners club...

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I was hoping back in September that you were gonna choose the MES over the Bradley.


You're gonna love it & you'll be glad you went in that direction. You will however need an A-MAZE-N-SMOKER to really enjoy some great (worry free) smokes, especially the ones below 180˚.



Congrats & enjoy,


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Congrats on the new MES

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I have the AMNS on the way already.  Should be here early next week. Till then I will make do with going outside every so often to add more chips.


That will not stop me from making a lot of goodies for the game tomorrow.  I have 15 pounds of butt, the makings for a couple fatties, and will be picking up some ABT fixings today. 


I did however, discover that I have a unit with a thermostat that does not like temps below 32 degrees.  I had to pour some boiling water to the pan this morning in order to get the temp inside the box above freezing so the element would kick in.  It is 9 degrees outside right now and the smoker is heating up nicely once the thermostat was happy.  I was impressed yesterday with the ability of the thing to hold heat while seasoning it.  Much better than my old smoker.  I would never dare to use my old one in these temps. 


This summer it will be all salmon all the time.  My kids are already planning the annual fishing expedition.  We bring home 40-60 salmon every year from the big trip and who knows how many from the other day jaunts to the local streams.



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I do NOT have a unit with a thermostat problem.  My wife was the one who took the water outside and just told me that it was already getting hot when she opened it to add the water to the pan.  Guess I was deaf and did not hear the element kick in when I turned it on and assumed the thermostat was a wimp.


My laziness has another layer of padding! 

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Welcome to the MES owners club!

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Poor guy---40 to 60 Salmon--plus !!!


And a young smiling helper yet!


Poor guy,


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