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Sorry they didn't come out very well but don't give up. Those temps are a bit high for ribs in my opinion try getting the temps down around 225 and 8 hours is way too long for ribs. Following the 3-2-1 method will provide you edible ribs and I would suggest doing it that way a few times then make adjustments to the times to suit your personal preferences. 3 hours in a 225 degree smoker then foil them with a little liquid (apple juice works well) and put them back in for 2 hours sealed in the foil then back in the smoker unwrapped for the last hour to firm them back up. If you want to baste them with sauce do it the last half hour to forty five minutes.  

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The Smoke Whisperer hooked you up with photos and everything!  Just follow what he says there and you will have some rockin ribs!  I learned something new myself about that flap of meat on the bone side.  I will do that next time!  Good luck! 




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8 hours is long for spares - i usually do mine between 5-6 hours, 230ish degrees for spares, 4ish for back ribs. If doing spares I like to cut them into a St Louis cut - I do smoke the trimmigs for beans and snacks.

I don't usually foil till they are done cooking and letting them rest.

Don't give up - jump back up in that horse and give it another go - you'll get it.

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3-2-1 you can't go wrong.

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thanks guys...ill try them again in a few weeks

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