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im smokeing some ribs this weekend??? first time

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so im goin to smoke some ribs this weekend and not really sure on how,prep befor puting the meat on the grill an so forth....so i need an  idea or two on what i need to do...i live in miilington,tn...im 25 years old an love to be outside not so much when its cold an im working or my first 80 gallon grill supper pumped about that

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Check out this link





That's for Spare Ribs if doing Baby Backs it's the same methods but the times are 2-2-1

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Looks like jerks got you covered there just remember to pull that membrane off
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Wow I meant JERRY
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Are you doing baby backs or spares?


Both are pretty easy to prep..


If they are spares then you'll need to remove the thick flap on the meaty side of the ribs. Pull up on the flap as you cut it off and set it aside:







I also recommend removing the membrane which is a plastic-like film over the boney side of the ribs that keeps the smoke from getting through and it's not very pleasant to eat.


Slip a knife, spoon, screwdriver or other sharp object under the membrane to get it started then use a paper towel for better grip and pull it clean off. It may take a few tries if you've never done it before. (Catfish pliers will also work in helping you to grip the membrane and pull it off)











Once the membrane is removed, apply about 2-3 TBS of rib rub to the meat on the bone side of the ribs then flip the ribs over and apply another 3-4 TBS to the meaty side. Apply more if you need it depending on what kind of rub you use.


If you use a rub with lots of salt, (store-bought rubs/seasonings) you'll probably want to use less. If you use a good homemade rub recipe, make sure it is one with only enough salt to bring out the flavors and apply a little more. A good rule of thumb is to apply enough rub so that you just barely see the meat through the rub.


You will also want to apply some rub to the flap piece that you cut off of the spare ribs.


Note: to help the rub to stick better, apply a thin coat of regular yellow mustard to the ribs just before adding the rub. The mustard will create a nice crust, holds the rub onto the meat and does not taste like mustard after it is done cooking.



Here is what my spare's generally look like when they are ready to go on the smoker:







Lay the rubbed ribs aside and go get your smoker setup for smoking at 225-240 degrees F.


Smoke/cook the ribs until they are tender. For baby backs you are looking at 5-6 hours, for spares this will be closer to 6-7 hours. Check for tenderness by pulling (2) adjacent bones in opposite directions. If the meat tears easily, the ribs are tender and ready to eat.


Oh yeah.. the flap of meat should be smoke/cooked as well and will be ready to eat in about 1.5 to 2 hours and is what I call the chef's treat.


Enjoy the ribs, let us know if you need more help with any of this.



Here's some pictures of the finished product



Cut in half for the Bradley smoker..







Smoking spare ribs and baby backs on the Weber Smoky Mountain smoker..



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well crap i have all ready put my rub on it an wraped it an stuck it back in the refrigerator...is it to late if i try to cut on it will i mess it up or is it worth keeping it???thanks jeff

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SM - You've gotten all the info you needed just wanted to wish you luck from someone who grew up in Munford!

A lot of great folks here on SMF who are always more than willing to help out.
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You can just smoke them as is and try cutting them next time. I do them both ways depending on my mood at the time

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Nice job on the rib tutorial Jeff. Good luck this weekend S an M.

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First off Welcome to SMF. Then I'm with jerry (pineywoods) on this one and I just smoke the whole slab as it comes right out of the package. I like a good and thick hunk of meat on my spares. Just my pennies.

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I agree works both ways.  Although I do like the treat before the ribs are ready lol

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Both ways work and the best part is that you get to eat it all either way icon_mrgreen.gif

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thanks guys gettin up at 6am to get it all started.....have some steaks im goin to put on there to 

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Welcome to the SMF. Glad to have you here. Lots of good folks, great recipes and knowledge. Looking forward to your first qview.

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Welcome S an M, I speak from experience when I say you came to the right place for assistance!  Some really great people on here and all are always ready to help.


Jeff, great tutorial!  Thank you for putting this site together!  I've been smoking for about a year now but have only been a member here for a few months.  My success rate has grown exponentially since being a member!  My next smoke will definitely be in qview for you guys.  Hope I can live up to some of the great looking meat I've seen on here!





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Welcome to SMF  S an M, I am from Grundy, Virginia and have a house in Abingdon, Virginia on South Holston Lake on the VA-TN state line.  You have come to the right place and if you'll just check out some of the things offered here you'll be fine.  Try the FREE 5-Day E-Course, I have been smoking for about 8 years or more and I even learned a lot from the Free E-Course.  Also read the wiki's they are great and you can learn so much from them as they cover about every conceivable subject. Be sure to print you out a sheet with all the Acronyms on it, it will keep you from wondering what they are talking about in the post, the Acronyms are listed in the wiki's under A.  Then just read the post and jump right in, S an M, the only dumb question here, is the one you don't ask!  We are so glad to have you and hope all of your Smokes are Great Ones!


Your New Friend,

Barry   aka  VirginiaSmokeSignal biggrin.gif

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SOOOOOO, where's the pics of your final ribs?


I trim the fat off and throw it in a bag for use later in sausage.




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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ribs where crapicon_evil.gif.......my wife said that the ribs tast like something she would put on a sandwich she said rib are suppose to be juicy...anyways i cooked them for bout 8 hr wraped them in foil temp was around 250 to 300 soooooooo....they where kinda dry 

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t johnson hav you ever built your own smoker???

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Try the 3-2-1- method next time. You will end up w/ juicy ribs.

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