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Brisket cooling and re-heating

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Hey Guys,


Been a long time, I hope everyone is doing well.


I am going to smoke 2 12lb briskets and start around 6:00am Sat morning and would like to serve them around 6:00ish S-Bowl Day.  What is the best way to let the briskets cools and reheat to keep them juicy and not seem like re-heat meat.


Thank you very much,


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First pff welcome back. Now why can't you just wake up alittle early on sunday and smoke the briskets then?? I would do that but if you can't then I would just smoke it and then re-heat using and big steammer pot. Thta is the way that I re-heat everything and it really works great. To us it does take any of the moisture out of the meat and really brings out the smokey flavor too.

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X 2 for steaming. You can steam sliced or whole or whatever size pieces you need. I use a broiler pan w/the meat on top and some water or broth in the bottom and cover w/ foil and seal the edges

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Thx guys...


My smoker is at the ranch and the SB party is at the house in the city...i would be cutting the time real short if I cooked on Sunday and you know the drill; 10-14 hrs of cooking really wipes you out and that would mean I would be SO tired after the party that I would have to let my wife clean-up everything icon_biggrin.gif...what's the weather going to be like early Sunday morning?


lol, tstex

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Same here steamer pot. When I smoke the brisket I put a drip pan underneath with beef broth, onions, & garlic in it. Then use that mixture in the steamer pot bottom with the brisket on top. I like to slice mine first, but either way it won't dry out.

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