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boneless porkchops

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What is the best way to smoke boneless pork chops - what temp? Marinate the chops? I've heard its not quite as time consuming as some other cuts of meat.

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It depends on how thick they are. If they are an inch or so. You could smoke them for an hour or so at 225 then finish them up on the grill. If they are thinner I would just grill them. They are so lean that they tend to dry out in the smoker. If you do smoke them you may want to put  some bacon on top to keep them moist. I have never tried brining pork chops but that may keep them from drying out. I'm sure you will get other suggestions soon.

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Well first off all you have is a sliced pork loin. So there's little to no fat at all on a pork loin so I would recommend that you wrap them with bacon first. Then smoke them at maybe 230°ish and take them to 140°-145° for maybe alittle under done but they will be juicy. You'll have alittle pink to them but it's really alright. After all we have been eating them that way for years and I'm still here.

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pork chops is nice and easy.


i just put a little garlic powder, salt and pepper, then smoke at around 350, internal temp at 165.


shouldnt take too long at all

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