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CCSV: Does this flame seem right? Pics inside...

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I put together my CCSV last night and figured I would fire it up a little while ago just for kicks before I seasoned it. I put it on low for about 10 mins and the temp on the outside therm said 180. When I opened it up, I saw the following:


On Low with a little breeze:


 On Medium same conditions:



So I guess my question is this: Are the orange flames the norm at these temps or is it the infamous CCSV burner problem that I have read so much about? Of course when the wind hit the flame it became even more orange, but I tried to do my best at getting shots when the breeze was at a minimum. What do you guys think? What should be my next step? Thanks in advance!



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to me it looks normal,  it flared up when you opened the door and it got more oxygen and looks like the wind is swirling around inside your box.

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I have read that the orange flame is not a good thing. I dont know if orange flames on med heat is the norm or not. And on high, it looked like a

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Hi and welcome to SMF,


You flame should be blue with orange tips, since it is new you might have to adjust the Air Bleed Valve to have a blue flame, it might be found at the orifice or on the tube between the orifice and the burner.  You might want to try searching for Dick Bullard's post "GOSM Burner Flame Qview, there are photos there that show the Air Bleed valve.


Another thing might be altitude, if you are at a high altitude that can effect the flame,then you might have to change the orifice.



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This is an excerpt from an e-mail that I received from Brett at Camp Chef when I had that problem a few years ago.  Hope this helps. On edit:  If I had your e-mail address, I would forward the whole file to you.  It has a picture showing what he's talking about.  I'm just not smart enough to post it here as it's a PDF file.


I have seen this problem a couple of times and
there are a few things you can check.  If you look behind the faceplate of
the smoker where the valve is you can see where it goes into the venturi
tube.  First adjust the valve to make sure it is aligned and shooting gas
straight into the tube.  You may have to bend the brackets on the manifold
tube that connect it to the drum.  If the valve is not straight with the
venturi tube which connects to the burner then the burner will not get
enough air and will cause it to burn yellow.  The second problem you could
be having is the screen on your venturi tube where air is drawn in has
become plugged.  This is a fairly tight screen and sometimes with the grease
and dust it will fill with dirt so the burner is not getting enough air.
You could use a toothbrush with soap and water to clean this screen.  One of
these 2 or both should solve the problem and reduce the amount of yellow
flame you are getting.
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