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For all you snowed in guys, some poultry for todays smoke!

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I know most of you are snowed in today so I am braving the 37 degree temps and 14mph winds just for you.


A turkey and 2 chickens in the baby lang.  I'll update when I get a bit of color going, 





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Great job on the chix! Be sure to post more qview when you get it.


Kudos for braving the cold and the windPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Nice,keep the qview coming!!!!  Too much ice out there,so i'm staying inside today!!!

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An hour and 45 minutes later







The wind was blowing and the temps got a bit high, 300 degrees, even with all firebox dampers closed but hey it's poultry so 300 is ok with me.  Running around 250 now.

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Looks good Al, Bet you love that new Lang!

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2 and a half hours into it the Turkey is at 144 and the chicks are at 156.  Going to let the temp go up a bit, it's 36 degrees outside and getting ready to rain, need to finish this up.





BooBoo, protector of the pit says it's getting close




















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Looking good Al!!

Food that hits the floor there doesn't have a chance with the 5 second rule.



   Have a great day


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Pulled the turkey at 155 because it is starting to sleet and the temps are dropping.  Will finish in the oven




Still a bit red at the bone so into a 350 oven until it comes up to 165






Chickens are done, gonna wrap with a couple of towels and let rest until wifey comes home




Smoked poultry, a big bowl of vegetable soup and some iced green tea for dinner! 


 Thanks for looking,




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NICE! Real NICE! Man they look good..I bet BooBoo is a happy camper, huh?

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They look very good.  I save all the bones and scraps from mone and use to make chicken stock.  

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You are braver than me I am actually thinking of changing my planned weekend smoke to a Chili cook so I can stay indoors.

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Man that's some good looking stuff!  Thanks for posting and yes I'm envious!  I have a path dug through the snow/ice to the smoker outside (same one the dog uses...) but haven't used it in a month or so...  Yeah I'm a wuss!


I like the pictures of your dog too!

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Man that looks good Al. Your dog is gonna get some of those birds cause how can you resist those eyes he's giving you.

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Those sure look good Al...

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