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Legg's Old Plantation seasoning

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I am trying to make some smoked pork sausage and can't seem to figure out what season to start with!A friend makes it with the Legg's seasoning mix and have also heard of people using the season mix packet from the spice barn.Can someone please shoot me in the right direction?Also what size castings!Thanks in advance

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I've had deer sausage made with the Legg's seasoning and it's pretty good.  The guy uses it per the directions on the bag, but adds some additional red pepper flakes because we like it a little spicy.  Be aware that the Legg's seasoning mix doesn't have cure in it, so you will need some TQ or other type of cure. 

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Welcome aboard Jimmy.


Try You can get seasonings and casings(32mm) there.



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Legg's is very good here's a link to the place I get mine 


You will have to buy some cure too but they sell it

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Leggs is good mix. The #116 for sticks is good but you can use it for any smoked sausage


Remember you need 1 level tsp of cure #1 per every 5 lbs of meat.


When i use (but not often) MTQ its 7 tsp per every 5 lbs of meat

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Thanks guys,Sure helps when you are new at something to have good people around!

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Yup Jimmy this is a great place!!



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You probably want hog casings, and you will need a cure salt (Instacure#1 or Tenderquick) to add if you're going to smoke it.  Morton's tenderquick should be available in the seasoning/spice section of your local grocery store, depending on where you live.  Instacure#1 (sometimes called pink salt) you may find at a local butcher shop or grocery store, or you may have to order from a website.


Be advised that there are quite a few different seasoning blends that carry the "Legg's Old Plantation" label, and they all come in a puke-green bag.  The one most commonly used in this area as a base, with some secret ingredient like red pepper flakes or whole mustard seed or CBP added to make it your own, is 'Pork Sausage Seasoning'.

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