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Jeff I would suggest if that heifer can't get out you wait till 5 minutes after her last breath and help her out of the shed biggrin.gif

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Hmmm Veal lol

 Like your thinkin  -

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Put me down for a cowboy ribeye or two. icon_cool.gif

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Hey folks for once this winter we are not getting anything but a little drizzle of rain here in the Appalachian Mountains of Southwestern Virginia,  temps are a balmy 45 degrees!   We have had our share this winter plus lots of just plain cold weather.  I hope all of you are staying warm and that none of you lose power....been there done that last winter...5 days no electricity in a fully electric home with one set of gas logs, those things are wonderful, we have a well instead of the city water so no water for 5 days, we made it 3 days, loaded up in Dad's 4X4 and went to our lake house, electricity, TV, telephone, and all the niceties of life again but some folks were without power for over 2 weeks.  I sure hope you folks all stay safe, and that none of you loose power!  From your friend in the Appalachians, Stay safe, I would hate it if anyone got hurt or killed in this mess, and it can happen, so just be careful and stay warm, winter will be gone soon enough!!!



Barry Scott Ratliff

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You should have fixed that roof while the sun was shining....

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All of this snow and cold this year has convinced me tha tI do not have what it takes to live any further north than I already do....


Glad u guys got through it ok, Dont worry too much about those cowd My dads place has a big barn on it and the cows are never alowed in,,, They have no respect for the Furniture..

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Hmmm, high here today 80, but it's supposed to be mostly cloudy. I guess the clouds are from the storm over the north. Stay safe.

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Freezing rain here for the last 36 hours---Pouring & freezing right now---Hoping the temp goes above freezing soon!---Even my Gravely can't snowblow ICE!!




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Originally Posted by Abigail4476 View Post

They're heifers (not supposed to say cows?).  icon_mrgreen.gif   I'm happy to hear that they do better outside.  Now I won't feel so bad for them.  Eat them?  My kids have named them!  lol



One of the smaller *heifers* managed to squeeze into the little shed next to our barn.   I hope she can find her way out again, because I'm definitely not going in after her!  PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif

Originally Posted by tigerregis View Post

First of all they are either heifers or steers; second cattle do better outside with a wind break than in a barn. Why feel sorry for them, when you going to eat them shortly?






How many of them are named TBone?

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Originally Posted by Arnie View Post


How many of them are named TBone?


LOL---"TBone"----Beauty Arnie!


Three steers, TBone, Brisket, and Chuckie.



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